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If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.
JHSS Newsletter 30th  November 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 20JHSS Newsletter 30th November 201730/11/20175451 KB
JHSS Newsletter 16th November 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 19JHSS Newsletter 16th November 201716/11/20171620 KB
JHSS Newsletter 2nd November 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 18JHSS Newsletter 2nd November 20172/11/20172758 KB
JHSS Newsletter 19th October 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 17JHSS Newsletter 19th October 201719/10/2017887 KB
JHSS Newsletter 5th October 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 16JHSS Newsletter 5th October 20175/10/20171276 KB
JHSS Newsletter 8th September 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 15JHSS Newsletter 8th September 20178/09/20171251 KB
JHSS Newsletter 24th August 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 14JHSS Newsletter 24th August 201724/08/20172327 KB
JHSS Newsletter 10th August 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 13JHSS Newsletter 10th August 201710/08/20173033 KB
JHSS-Newsletter 28th July 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 12JHSS-Newsletter 28th July 201728/07/20171547 KB
JHSS Newsletter 14th July 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 11JHSS Newsletter 14th July 201714/07/2017844 KB
JHSS Newsletter 15th June 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 10JHSS Newsletter 15th June 201715/06/20174019 KB
JHSS Newsletter 1st June 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 9JHSS Newsletter 1st June 20171/06/20172970 KB
JHSS Newsletter 18th May 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 8JHSS Newsletter 18th May 201718/05/20173037 KB
JHSS Newsletter 4th May 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 7JHSS Newsletter 4th May 20174/05/20171373 KB
JHSS Newsletter 20th April 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 6JHSS Newsletter 20th April 201720/04/20175419 KB
JHSS Newsletter 23rd March 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 5JHSS Newsletter 23rd March 201723/03/2017585 KB
JHSS Newsletter 9th March 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 4JHSS Newsletter 9th March 20179/03/20171177 KB
JHSS Newsletter 23rd February 2017.pdfNewsletter No.3JHSS Newsletter 23rd February 201723/02/20171241 KB
JHSS Newsletter 9th February 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 2JHSS Newsletter 9th February 20179/02/20173739 KB
JHSS Newsletter 27th January 2017.pdfNewsletter No. 1JHSS Newsletter 27th January 201727/01/20173667 KB
JHSS Newsletter 1st December 2016.pdfNewsletter No. 19JHSS Newsletter 1st December 20161/12/20163648 KB
JHSS Newsletter 17th November 2016.pdfNewsletter No. 18JHSS Newsletter 17th November 201617/11/20164240 KB
JHSS Newsletter 3rd November 2016.pdfNewsletter No. 17JHSS Newsletter 3rd November 20163/11/20162282 KB
JHSS Newsletter 20th October 2016.pdfNewsletter No. 16JHSS Newsletter 20th October 201620/10/20164112 KB
JHSS Newsletter 6th October 2016.pdfNewsletter No. 15JHSS Newsletter 6th October 20166/10/20165163 KB
JHSS Newsletter 8th September 2016.pdfNewsletter No. 14JHSS Newsletter 8th September 20168/09/20161054 KB
JHSS Newsletter 25th August 2016.pdfNewsletter No. 13JHSS Newsletter 25th August 201625/08/20163768 KB
JHSS Newsletter 11th August 2016.pdfNewsletter No.12JHSS Newsletter 11th August 201611/08/2016918 KB
JHSS Newsletter 15th July 2016.pdfNewsletter No.10JHSS Newsletter 15th July 201615/07/20165995 KB
JHSS Newsletter 28th July 2016.pdfNewsletter No.11JHSS Newsletter 28th July 201628/06/20164370 KB
JHSS Newsletter 22nd June 2016.pdfNewsletter No.9JHSS Newsletter 22nd June 201622/06/20162550 KB
JHSS Newsletter 12th May 2016.pdfNewsletter No. 8JHSS Newsletter 12th May 201612/05/20162322 KB
JHSS Newsletter 28th April 2016.pdfNewsletter No.7JHSS Newsletter 28th April 201628/04/20162674 KB
JHSS Newsletter 14th April 2016.pdfNewsletter No.6JHSS Newsletter 14th April 201614/04/20163659 KB
JHSS Newsletter 17th March 2016.pdfNewsletter No.5JHSS Newsletter 17th March 201617/03/20164637 KB
JHSS Newsletter 3rd March 2016.pdfNewsletter No.4JHSS Newsletter 3rd March 20163/03/20161241 KB
JHSS Newsletter 18th February 2016.pdfNewsletter No.3JHSS Newsletter 18th February 201618/02/20163657 KB
JHSS Newsletter 5th February 2016.pdfNewsletter No.2JHSS Newsletter 5th February 20165/02/20162360 KB
JHSS Newsletter 1st February 2016.pdfNewsletter No.1JHSS Newsletter 1st February 20161/02/20162436 KB
JHSS Newsletter 3rd December 2015.pdfNewsletter No21JHSS Newsletter 3rd December 20153/12/20151308 KB
JHSS Newsletter 19th November 2015.pdfNewsletter No20JHSS Newsletter 19th November 201519/11/2015700 KB
JHSS Newsletter 5th November 2015.pdfNewsletter No19JHSS Newsletter 5th November 20155/11/20151195 KB
JHSS Newsletter 22nd October 2015.pdfNewsletter No18JHSS Newsletter 22nd October 201522/10/20151213 KB
JHSS Newsletter 8th October 2015.pdfNewsletter No17 2015JHSS Newsletter 8th October 20158/10/2015630 KB
JHSS Newsletter 10th September 2015.pdfNewsletter No16 2015JHSS Newsletter 10th September 201510/09/20151554 KB
JHSS Newsletter 27th August 2015.pdfNewsletter No15 2015JHSS Newsletter 27th August 201527/08/20151957 KB
JHSS Newsletter 14th August 2015.pdfNewsletter No14 2015JHSS Newsletter 14th August 201514/08/20151256 KB
JHSS Newsletter 30th July 2015.pdfNewsletter No13 2015JHSS Newsletter 30th July 201530/07/2015982 KB
JHSS Newsletter 16th July 2015.pdfNewsletter No12 2015JHSS Newsletter 16th July 201516/07/2015931 KB
JHSS Newsletter 19th June 2015.pdfNewsletter No11 2015JHSS Newsletter 19th June 201519/06/20151189 KB
JHSS Newsletter 4th June 2015.pdfNewsletter No10 2015JHSS Newsletter 4th June 20154/06/20151719 KB
JHSS Newsletter 21st May 2015.pdfNewsletter No9 2015JHSS Newsletter 21st May 201521/05/2015817 KB
JHSS Newsletter 7th May 2015.pdfNewsletter No8 2015JHSS Newsletter 7th May 20157/05/20151105 KB
JHSS Newsletter 23rd April 2015.pdfNewsletter No7 2015JHSS Newsletter 23rd April 201523/04/2015983 KB
JHSS Newsletter 2nd April 2015.pdfNewsletter No6 2015JHSS Newsletter 2nd April 20152/04/2015869 KB
JHSS Newsletter 19th March 2015.pdfNewsletter No5 2015JHSS Newsletter 19th March 201519/03/2015935 KB
JHSS Newsletter 5th March 2015.pdfNewsletter No4 2015JHSS Newsletter 5th March 20155/03/2015550 KB
JHSS Newsletter 19th February 2015.pdfNewsletter No3 2015JHSS Newsletter 19th February 201519/02/2015811 KB
JHSS Newsletter 5th February 2015.pdfNewsletter No2 2015JHSS Newsletter 5th February 20155/02/2015300 KB
JHSS Newsletter 30th January 2015.pdfNewsletter No1 2015JHSS Newsletter 30th January 201530/01/2015107 KB
newsletter-19.pdfNewsletter 19newsletter-1923/10/2014499 KB
newsletter-18.pdfNewsletter 18newsletter-1810/10/2014961 KB
newsletter-17.pdfNewsletter 17newsletter-1712/09/20144672 KB
newsletter-12.pdfNewsletter 12newsletter-121/09/2014465 KB
newsletter-16.pdfNewsletter 16newsletter-1622/08/20141676 KB
newsletter-14.pdfNewsletter 14newsletter-1414/08/2014331 KB
newsletter-13.pdfNewsletter 13newsletter-1312/08/2014467 KB
newsletter-11.pdfNewsletter 11newsletter-1117/07/2014886 KB
newsletter.10.pdfNewslettwr 10 2014newsletter.1019/06/2014684 KB
newsletter-9 (2014).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-9 (2014)5/06/2014947 KB
newsletter-8 (2014).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-8 (2014)22/05/2014914 KB
newsletter-7 (2014).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-7 (2014)8/05/20141133 KB
newsletter-6 (2014).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-6 (2014)24/04/2014200 KB
newsletter-5 (2014).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-5 (2014)27/03/2014515 KB
newsletter-4 (2014).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-4 (2014)13/03/2014536 KB
newsletter-3 (2014).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-3 (2014)27/02/2014411 KB
newsletter-2 (2014).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-2 (2014)13/02/2014434 KB
newsletter-1 (2014).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-1 (2014)30/01/2014346 KB
newsletter-20 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-20 (2013)21/11/2013421 KB
newsletter-19 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-19 (2013)7/11/2013390 KB
newsletter-18 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-18 (2013)24/10/2013291 KB
newsletter-17 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-17 (2013)10/10/2013440 KB
newsletter-16 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-16 (2013)20/09/20131349 KB
newsletter-15 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-15 (2013)5/09/2013468 KB
newsletter-14 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-14 (2013)22/08/2013406 KB
newsletter-13 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-13 (2013)8/08/2013400 KB
newsletter-12 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-12 (2013)25/07/2013855 KB
newsletter-8 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-8 (2013)16/05/20133246 KB
newsletter-7 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-7 (2013)2/05/2013286 KB
newsletter-6 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-6 (2013)18/04/2013184 KB
newsletter-5 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-5 (2013)28/03/2013873 KB
newsletter-4 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-4 (2013)14/03/20131425 KB
newsletter-3 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-3 (2013)28/02/2013462 KB
newsletter-2 (2013).pdfSchool newsletternewsletter-2 (2013)14/02/2013621 KB
newsletter-1 (2013).pdfSchool newsletternewsletter-1 (2013)31/01/2013608 KB
newsletter-21.pdfSchool newsletternewsletter-217/12/2012804 KB
newsletter-11 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-11 (2013)11/07/2012157 KB
newsletter-10 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-10 (2013)13/06/2012341 KB
newsletter-9 (2013).pdfSchool Newsletternewsletter-9 (2013)30/05/2012307 KB